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About the College

About the College

Founded in 1954, Beijing Information Technology College is a public full-time general higher vocational-technical college approved by the Ministry of Education of the P.R.C. BITC is a national leader in higher vocational college, and one of the 35 national demonstrative software vocational colleges. We are a training base for information technology teachers from Beijing vocational colleges, a national talent training base for the Belt and Road countries, a demonstrative school for deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform, and a demonstrative entrepreneurship center for higher education institutions.

BITC is devoted to promoting Beijing’s social development and student growth while improving high-level vocational and technical education. We are continuously improving education quality and are dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of the society and students. In the course of its development over the last 64 years, BITC has trained nearly 80,000 technological talents with higher comprehensive competency and strong technological skills. With emphasis on electronic information industry, modern manufacturing industry, modern service industry and cultural & creative industry, we’ve made positive contributions to the regional economic and social development. Now, there are approximately 6,000 students at BITC.

Over the years, BITC has retained a direct employment rate over 99% and is well reputed among employers. The employment ratio ranks top ten among Beijing higher education institutions. Now, international students are eligible for employment in Beijing after graduation.

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