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School of Electronic Information
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Specialty: Electronic Information Engineering Technology

Training Objectives: Electronic Information Engineering Technology is the key specialty of national backbone college. It is aimed to develop high-end technical and skilled talents who have good moral values, professional ethics and sense of responsibility, are healthy and supple, are of good psychological quality, and master fundamental knowledge in electronic circuit and electronic information processing, have the application skills such as intelligent electronic product design technology, embedded intelligent control technology, smart chip technology, sensing technology, visual programming technology, have comprehensive professional ability in technology development for the whole industry chain of intelligent electronic products and innovation ability and sustainable development ability.

Main Courses: Practical Circuit Analysis and Testing, Practical Electronic Circuit Design and Production, Intelligent Electronic Product Design and Production, Electronic Product Testing and Inspection, Intelligent Terminal Maintenance and Repair.

Career Prospect: Development, production and technical services for specialty electronic equipment such as satellite application, information technology application, special aerospace technology application; design, research and development, testing of intelligent products in high-tech enterprises and innovative R&D enterprises; engineering design and management of large electronic information systems for national important military and civilian use and aerospace application.

Training Conditions: 18 professional training rooms are quipped for the specialty, including intelligent electronic product application development training rooms, intelligent hardware application development training rooms, electronic product testing and inspection training rooms, robot application training rooms, audio and video application training rooms, with 720 working stations, a total area of 2,600 square meters. In addition, we have two off-campus training bases – Beijing BBEF Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and Yandong Microelectronics for the specialty. At least 2 weeks of business internship in the two bases are arranged for all students specialtying in this specialty.

Competition Results: Skill competitions related to the specialty oriented to the students from vocational colleges mainly include electronic product design and production, electronic product chip-level inspection, maintenance and data recovery, embedded technology application, design and implementation of photovoltaic electronic engineering, electronic design competition for college students, etc. In the past three years, we have won 3 national first-prizes, 3 national second-prizes, 3 national third-prizes, and 25 Beijing municipal awards, ranking among the best in vocational colleges in Beijing and across China.


Specialty: Mechatronics Technology

Training Objectives: This specialty has a strong construction foundation for key specialty of national backbone college. It is designed to closely follow China’s powerful-country strategy and city development orientation of developing smart city and smart factory and by relying on intelligent control development needs to develop high-quality skilled talents with good moral values, professional ethics and sense of responsibility, being self-driven and having professional abilities in selection and design of automated production system, and operation and maintenance of automated equipment. Students can achieve Mechatronics (advanced) certification and Siemens PLC programming technology professional skills certificate before graduation.

Career Prospect: Skills mastered through studying in Mechatronics specialty are widely needed, and students have a wide range of Career Prospect after graduation, with potential employers mainly including large and medium-sized enterprises such as aerospace groups, aviation institutes, capital airports, and industries and jobs covering railway, subway, hospital equipment maintenance and bank ATM maintenance.

Training Conditions: 23professional training rooms are quipped for the specialty, including advanced modern automated manufacturing training room, mechatronics technology innovation training room, programmable controller technology application training room, sensing and testing technology training room, electronic circuit design and production training room, industrial machine technology application training room, industrial control circuit analysis and production training room, digital design and manufacturing innovation training room, motor and electrical control training room, and other  professional training rooms, with 920 working stations, a total area of 2,070 square meters.

Competition Results: Students participated in selection contests held by relevant authorities in Beijing and participated in the national Robot Application Technology Competition, Wind and Light Complementary Power Generation System Installation and Commissioning Competition, Mechanical Assembly and Control Technology Competition as representatives of Beijing and achieved excellent results.

Direction (Industrial Robot) : The specialty is designed to satisfy the needs of industrial development of “intelligent control”, production automation, and digitization and information application and develop high-end technical talents familiar with industrial robot system integration and operation and maintenance, having the abilities in equipment selection, testing, fault solution planning and design, project implementation, etc. Graduates of this specialty can engage in system integration, product testing, technical support and project management for industrial robot products in enterprises, institutions, startups, technology incubators and other related entities.


Specialty: New Energy Automotive Technology

Training Objectives:This specialty is mainly for the new energy intelligent automobile industry. We will train high-quality technical and skilled professionals who are fully developed in moral,intellectual,physical and aesthetic fields,have good professional ethics,master the new energy intelligent car expertise, and can use tools and software of new energy vehicle design and testing,being engaged in design,manufacture,installation,commissioning and related technical services and management of new energy intelligent vehicles and related electronic products,have certain innovation and pioneering spirit.

Main Courses: New Energy Vehicle Construction,Electronic Technology,Artificial Intelligence Technology, Intelligent Driving Technology Application, Vehicle Networking Technology Application,Power Motor Control Technology,Power Battery Management Technology,Whole Electric Vehicle Control Technology, Electric Vehicle Charging Technology,Hybrid Technology,Automotive Network Service,etc.


Career Prospect:The graduates are mainly engaged in research, production, maintenance,sales and technical services in the field of new energy intelligent vehicles. They are engaged in R&D,auxiliary design,product commissioning,network technology services,sharing services,operation management,maintenance and technical services of new energy vehicles and related intelligent electronic products. The students will be jointly cultivated by BAI CBJ EV and the college.

Specialty: Microelectronics Technology (Direction: Integrated Circuit Design)

Training Objectives: The specialty is a pilot specialty for national modern apprenticeship pilot program approved by the Ministry of Education. It serves the key national and Beijing development industry integrated circuit industry. The specialty is aimed to develop high-quality talents with good moral values, professional ethics and sense of responsibility and being self-driven, and is designed to carry out modern apprenticeship education jointly with enterprises by centering the entire industry chain of integrated circuit and focusing on chip design, process management, packaging and testing and other aspects.

Main Courses: Practical Circuit Analysis and Testing, Practical Electronic Circuit Design and Production, Semiconductor Process, Integrated Circuit Layout Design, Microelectronic Packaging and Testing.

Career Prospect: Engaging in product design and process design of integrated circuit and operation, maintenance and technical service of intelligent integrated-circuit equipment in high-tech enterprises.

Training Conditions: 12 professional training rooms are quipped for the Microelectronics Technology specialty in the college, including microelectronics technology simulation engineering centers, integrated circuit test training rooms, integrated circuit layout design training rooms, with 480 working stations, a total area of 1,400 square meters. According to the implementation requirements of the modern apprenticeship system of the Ministry of Education, student-enterprise engineer one-to-one practical teaching mode of “modern apprenticeship” is implemented.


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