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School of Digital Business
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Specialty: E-commerce 

Training objectives: This major trains high-quality compound technical talents who have the abilities of user operation and management, Internet product planning and development, omni-channel marketing scheme design, Online and offline sales, visual marketing design, operation data analysis, short video marketing, live broadcast marketing, craftsman spirit and information literacy, and can engage in e-commerce project management and omni-channel operation.

Main courses: copywriting planning and writing, selection and procurement, all-channel operation of retail stores, network marketing, visual marketing design, new media promotion, video and live broadcast marketing, operation data analysis, etc.

Career Prospect: Graduates of this major are oriented to government, public institutions, financial and telecommunications enterprises and Internet enterprises. They are mainly engaged in data operation, all-channel operation, industry operation, planning, implementation and optimization of marketing activities, visual design, Internet product planning and development, community operation, video and live broadcast marketing, etc.

Specialty: Business Data Analysis and Application

Training objectives: Business Data Analysis and Application aims at cultivating students' data-based way of thinking, and focuses on improving core competitiveness. Guided by the demands of business and customers, the students will understand the whole process of data analysis in terms of data-based way of thinking, data acquisition, data cleaning and sorting, data analysis, data visualization, regression model, and report writing.

The courses enable students to obtain data online, to clean and sort out data, to use a variety of data analysis tools to analyze business data, to master a variety of visualization technology tools, to explore the process turning data to value, and to complete the data analysis report in the end. Business Data Analysis and Application touches the essence of business, and presents you the approaches and skills of data science.

Main CoursesData Acquisition and Processing, Customer Data Analysis, Sales Data Analysis, Market Data Analysis, Product Data Analysis, Supply Chain Data Analysis, Data Analysis Technology.

Career Prospect: Graduates of this specialty mainly serve the government, enterprises and institutions, Internet, finance and other industries. Their main positions include business consulting services, operation analysis specialist, operation director, data analyst, data processing engineer, data visualization engineer and so on.


Specialty: Big Data Accounting

Training objectives: Analysis and evaluation of existing manual and computer-based accounting systems. Application of systems analysis and design techniques to case studies and actual organizational systems. Design of input edits and audit trail outputs as integral system components.

Accounting information systems are an integral part of every business and organization in existence today.  Virtually every transaction that occurs within an organization impacts the accounting information system.  The data gathered and stored within the accounting information system are essential to the proper control and evaluation of the organization.

Specifically, the objective of this major (Big Data and Accounting is to provide students with an understanding of:

1. Interpretation of financial transactions into journal entries and then entering them into an accounting information system;

2. Introduction to computerized accounting systems;

3. Use of an integrated accounting information system;

4. Investigation into accounting controls;

5. Analysis of auditing procedures for accounting information systems;

6. Discussion of the means of protecting the computerized accounting information system from attack and fraud.

Major Courses: Introduction of Big Data TechnologyApplication of DatabaseCloud Financial AccountingIntelligent Cost AccountingFinancial ManagementAuditingAnalysis of Financial Big DataApplication of Python in Finance and TaxDevelopment and Application of Financial RobotPractical Training in Accounting Firm (outside campus) Practical Training of Financial Management using SAP (on campus)Comprehensive Practical Training (on campus)

Career Prospects:The graduates could find a job in various companies such as internet finance and tax company, accounting firm, certified tax agent firm, tax service hall and financial consulting firm.The graduates could engage on Cashier, Accountant, Tax Management, IT Auditing, Financial analysis, Consultant of Internal Control and Management Consulting.


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