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School of Digital Art
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Specialty: Advertising Design (Graphic Design and Art)

Training Objectives: This specialty is for the capital cultural and creative industry. Cultivating students to gain good cultural and artistic qualities, master the basic principles and practical operations of graphic design; for the actual design work of print media, online media, outdoor media, digital media, etc., they will have strong professional sensitivity of fashion and trend culture, can be competent for advertising planning, creativity, design and production. They will become high-quality technical and skilled talents with strong learning ability, communication and collaboration skills and good professional ethics.

Main Courses: Brand Design Planning Courses, Paper Printing Design Courses, Exhibition Advertising Design Courses, Digital Media Design Courses, Traditional Culture and Creative Design, Web Design and Production, Art Illustration Design, etc.

Career Prospect: The career prospects are wide. Graduates are mainly engaged in creative planning, design services, new media marketing and public advertising in advertising companies, design companies and advertising planning departments of enterprises and units.


Specialty: Digital Media Technology (Interaction Design and Art)

Training Objectives: This specialty is for the capital cultural and creative industry. It focuses on cultivating students to have good cultural and artistic accomplishments, be familiar with the Internet new media design project process, and have a good grasp of solid theoretical knowledge of interactive design, as well as film and animation production technology; cultivating innovative talents with high-quality technologies and techniques who are able to work on the innovative planning, design expressing, and producing and executing works of digital media products and contents based on interactive platforms, being competent to the professional post group works of interaction design in digital media industry.

Main Courses: User Experience Design, Multimedia UI Animation Design, Digital Painting, Graphical User Interface Design, App Interaction Design, etc.

Career Prospect: The graduates of this specialty mainly work in Internet technology companies, online game companies, mobile APP development companies, news media organizations, cultural communication agencies, film and television production companies, game software companies, advertising companies and other related companies. They are mainly engaged in UI design, web design, digital image production, digital animation production, after special effects synthesis of films and televisions and other related works.


Specialty: Film and Television Animation (Digital Video Shooting and Production and Art)

Training Objectives: It trains innovative talents with high-quality technologies and techniques with college culture level, rich artistic accomplishment, good aesthetic ability and image narrative ability and good work ethics. They can master the basic rules of film and television creation and can engage in filming and editing of film and television programs. They have the ability to engage in drama and storyboard script design, film and television style design work.

Main Courses: Film and television space modeling, photography and video technology, film and television short film production, image post-processing, TV column production, storyboard design, film editing technology, etc.

Career Prospect: The graduates are mainly oriented to film and television production companies, TV stations, online media companies, animation companies, game research and development companies, advertising companies and other related creative enterprises, and can be qualified for film and television program planning, filming and post-production work.


Specialty: Digital Media Application Technology (Game Design)

Training Objectives: It aims to meet the development needs of Beijing digital game industry. It aims to cultivate high-quality, competitive and innovative technical talents with excellent artistic quality and strong creative ability. They can master the basic theories and basic methods of game design, and have advanced game design concepts. They are familiar with various game types and the game design process, and they have good game creation practice ability and can engage in game design, planning, development and other aspects.

Main Courses: Game Planning Foundation, Game Architecture Design, Game Modeling Foundation, Game Color Foundation, Game Prop Production, Game Environment Production, Game Character Production.

Career Prospect: Graduates of this specialty can work on game design, game planning, game art, game production and other related works in game companies, portals, mobile media, TV stations, research institutes, and other related business units.


Specialty: Digital Display Technology  

Training Objectives: This specialty trains professionals with a college education level, good professional ethics and comprehensive quality, and specific artistic literacy and technical ability. In school, students can systematically master the core concepts and skills of digital display, focusing on 3D virtual simulation scene modeling, scene map drawing, baking rendering, interactive interface design and production, 3D interactive platform construction and control, students can finally use VR devices such as digital helmets, digital glasses, digital gloves and virtual driving to experience the virtual world created by themselves.

Main Courses: VR 3d Model Production, Interactive Media Production, Virtual Reality Engine Application, Interactive Programming Foundation, AR Augmented Reality Production, VR/AR Device Application, etc.

Career Prospect: The graduates of this specialty are mainly engaged in interactive visualization departments in the fields of film and television, animation, game development, radio and television, cultural media, urban planning, real estate, museums and education. They are engaged in special equipment simulation, virtual simulation design, mobile games and various mobile APP production and product display.


Specialty: VR Application Technology

Training Objectives: It cultivates high-quality technical and technical talents with all-round development of morality, intelligence, body and aesthetic who will have good professional ethics and humanistic qualities, and will master the theoretical knowledge of virtual reality and augmented reality technology. They will have virtual reality, augmented reality project interaction function design and development capabilities, 3D model and animation production capabilities, hardware and software platform equipment construction and debugging capabilities, and they are mainly engaged in virtual reality, augmented reality project design, development, debugging, etc.

Main Courses: Virtual Reality Overview, 3D Modeling and Animation, 3D Modeling Principles, Interface Interaction Production, Sub-era Model and Texture Creation (Model Engraving direction), Virtual Reality Engine Development (UE direction), Augmented Reality Engine Development (Unity direction), Panoramic Video Capture and Processing, Virtual Reality Software and Hardware Platform Construction and Maintenance, Programming, Computer Assembly and Maintenance.

Career Prospect: Graduates of this specialty work mainly in emerging high-end information technology companies who focus on virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. They will be engaged in the field of digital content design and development in the interactive visualization department of product display, game development, VR film, VR live broadcast, aerospace, military simulation, urban planning, real estate, museums, education and training.

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